DSK – Medlemsside

Our engagement has been instrumental in steering the course of the project's digital landscape, encompassing the meticulous development of both the website and the intricacies of server setup. Throughout this journey, our dedicated involvement has woven a tapestry of expertise, contributing to the seamless integration and optimization of the project's online presence


DSK – Medlemsside




Project Overview

DSK varetager interesserne for alle medlemmer – uanset omsætning, butiksstørrelse eller kædetilhørsforhold. Derfor har DSK i mere end 100 år kunnet fastholde sin position som branchens talerør og købmændenes brancheforening.

Project Type

Do we maintain project

We maintain this project in cooperation with our partner.

Client of

This website is maintained and a client of our partners .

Project Partner

Ms Nordic ApS

Project Gallery

This project has no gallery​

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